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Did Swedenborg See Himself as a Prophet?

A recent question on Christianity StackExchange asked: The Wikipedia article on Emanuel Swedenborg mentions his revelations, but doesn’t use the term “prophet” even once. Did Swedenborg not see himself as a prophet? What is a prophet, according to Swedenborg, other

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The Bible: Literal Inerrancy vs. Divine Depths of Meaning

Here is a comment that a reader named Ben made on my article, “Can We Really Believe the Bible?”: We can definitely believe the Bible. There is no denying that careful interpretation and context are important, but there is no

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How did God Create the Universe? Was the World Really Created in Six Days?

God Creates Universe with Big Bang That might be the Sunday morning newspaper headline oh, about 13.75 billion years ago . . . if newspapers were possible in the primordial quark-gluon soup. I know, I know, the Bible says the world was

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Doing Dishes

Though most of the material posted here will be new, I will also post some gems from my archives. With that in mind, here is a newly edited version of one of my more popular talks on daily living, which

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Can We Really Believe the Bible?

Some Thoughts for Those who Wish they Could Our best modern science tells us that: The universe is almost fourteen billion years old. Our solar system formed gradually about four and a half billion years ago. Life first appeared on

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