Got a spiritual conundrum? Ask Lee!

Do you have a nagging spiritual question, and you just haven’t been able to get a good answer? If so, feel free to send it to me using the form below.

If I think I can help you with your question, and that others would be interested too, I’ll write a response and post it here on Spiritual Insights for Everyday Life.

A few guidelines:

  • If I respond to your question, it will be in a public blog post, not by private email.
  • Please do not include confidential or highly personal information.
  • Submit only questions that you personally are struggling with or wondering about.
  • You may also ask about current news stories that you are trying to make sense of.

With that in mind, feel free to ask away!

(Please be aware that we receive more questions than we are able to answer.)


Best blessings on your spiritual journeys,

–Lee Woofenden

Responses to spiritual conundrums

  1. Can Gang Members Go to Heaven? (Is Life Fair?)
  2. Why Didn’t Moses Lead God’s People into the Holy Land?
  3. What is the History and Importance of Bethel in the Bible?
  4. What is the Source of Human Fragility, Sickness, and Disease?
  5. What about Spiritualism? Is it a Good Idea to Contact Spirits?
  6. Wrestling with Angels: When “Good Enough” is Not Good Enough
  7. How does Jesus Appear to Us? Can We See God Face to Face?
  8. The Cain and Abel Story: Does God Play Favorites?
  9. How Can I Help a Loved One who is In an Abusive Relationship?
  10. Is it Easy or Hard to Get to Heaven?
  11. What is the Meaning and Significance of Gilgal in the Bible?
  12. What Does it Mean When My Parents Die? Will I See Them Again?
  13. Will We See our Pets Again in Heaven?
  14. Must We Answer in Heaven for Misbehavior we have Confessed To on Earth?
  15. If You’ve been Married More than Once, Which One will you be With in the Afterlife?
  16. How do I Love God with my Whole Heart?
  17. How can we have Faith when So Many Bad Things happen to So Many Good People? Part 1
  18. It’s not fair that God made some people incredibly beautiful, and others just average!
  19. Can God Fail?
  20. Why did God Wait So Long to Come Down as Christ?
  21. Is Sex Before Marriage Forbidden in the Bible?
  22. If Non-Christians can Go to Heaven, Why should Christians Evangelize?
  23. Homosexuality, the Bible, and Christianity
  24. What if My Partner and I Have Different Religious Beliefs? Can Interfaith Marriage Work?
  25. Prosperity Gospel is Spiritually Bankrupt
  26. Is there Really a Devil? Why??
  27. What is the Wrath of God? Why was the Old Testament God so Angry, yet Jesus was so Peaceful?
  28. Can you Fall in Love in Heaven if you Haven’t Found Someone on Earth?
  29. What about Violent Religions? Is God Really Bloodthirsty and Vengeful?
  30. If We Don’t Have Children while Alive, Will We Be Able to Have Children in the Afterlife?
  31. What does the Bible Say about Masturbation? Is Masturbation a Sin?
  32. Why Does God Require our Love, Worship, and Praise? Is God Insecure?
  33. What is the Unpardonable Sin? Am I Doomed?
  34. God, Forgiveness, Freedom, and Hell – Part 4
  35. What does the Bible Say about Pornography? Is Pornography Sinful?
  36. Will My Body be the Right Weight and Appearance in the Afterlife?
  37. Is Getting Tattoos a Sin against God?
  38. What If I’m In Love with Someone I Can’t Have?
  39. Should Christians Tithe?
  40. Today’s Christianity: Vastly Void of Truth
  41. The Meaning and Power of Baptism
  42. Can we Keep our Friends in the Afterlife?
  43. Didn’t Jesus Say There’s No Marriage in Heaven?
  44. Marriage in the Resurrection: The Deeper Meaning
  45. Will Happily Married Couples be Together in Heaven?
  46. Will Sick or Disabled People Return to Good Health in the Spiritual World?
  47. Is There a Common Theme in All Religions?
  48. Why does God Harden our Hearts, and Why are We Held Responsible?
  49. What if the Right Woman has the Wrong Feet?
  50. What if I’m in Love with Someone Who’s Already Married?
  51. If God Already Knows What We’re Going to Do, How Can We Have Free Will?
  52. Is There Sex in Heaven?
  53. Can I be Saved if I Hate my Mother?
  54. Do God and Spirits Influence People and Things in the Physical Universe?
  55. Is Christianity an Abusive Relationship with God?
  56. Where is the Garden of Eden?
  57. Why Isn’t Paul in Swedenborg’s Canon?
  58. If the Second Coming has Already Happened, When do Things Start Getting Better?
  59. What is an Angel of Death?
  60. Marriage in Heaven: A Response to Jack Wellman
  61. Is the COVID-19 Vaccine the Mark of the Beast?
  62. Marriage in Heaven: A Response to Tom Wenig
  63. How Can I Be Sure that My Partner will Be Waiting for Me in Heaven?

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