Spiritual Insights for Everyday Life

Welcome to my new blog!

Here, my wife Annette and I will offer you spiritual insights on the world around us—and the world within us.

Check in once or twice a week for new posts and articles offering:

  • Satisfying answers to big (and small) life questions
  • Spiritual viewpoints on current events
  • A deeper look at popular culture
  • How-to articles on practical spiritual living
  • A Christian perspective that will engage your heart and your brain

For inspiration Annette and I turn especially to:

  1. The Bible, as seen from an intelligent, spiritual perspective
  2. The writings of scientist, philosopher, and theologian Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772)
  3. Our lifetime of experience in this amazing world!

Have a burning question? Feel free to post it in a reply. If we think we have something to say about it, we’ll comment on it in a future post.

Thank you, and enjoy!



Lee Woofenden is an ordained minister, writer, editor, translator, and teacher. He enjoys taking spiritual insights from the Bible and the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg and putting them into plain English as guides for everyday life.

Posted in Spiritual Growth

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Lee & Annette Woofenden

Lee & Annette Woofenden

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