How to Attract the Opposite Sex—and Keep ‘Em

Through extensive Internet research, I am able to bring you secret, insider information on surefire, ironclad methods of attracting the opposite sex. Many of them even come with a money-back guarantee!

This information is meant only for YOU. Very few people know these secrets of seduction. Using these powerful methods, YOU can become a sex-magnet. Whenever you enter a room, you will instantly become the focus of attention. You will have your pick of the sexual partners you most desire. Rivals will be jealous of you, for YOU will have the Power of Attraction.

If you do not desire to become insanely attractive to the opposite sex, please stop reading now.

How to attract the opposite sex

Since you have continued reading, it is clear that you desire the Power of Attraction. I will now reveal to YOU, and YOU only, how this power can be yours.

If you are a male, and you desire to attract females, there are many powerful and effective methods. As confirmed by penetrating Internet research, here are just a few of these ironclad, proven, and guaranteed Attraction Systems:

Women go for guys like this!

How to attract women

  • Do whatever it takes to get your teeth looking healthy, white, and evenly spaced
  • Wear suits that make your shoulders look wide and your waist and hips narrow
  • Power-groom and deep-clean your body (Okay: get a good haircut, shower, and shave)
  • Eat some licorice, and use a cucumber body wash to smell seductive
  • Put on a brooding, swaggering, dominant, bad-boy persona
  • Wear a red shirt. Or maybe a blue shirt
  • Use Male Reproductive Organ Enhancement Aids (Okay, okay: penis enlargement pills)
  • Think positive thoughts and visualize yourself as highly attractive
  • Channel your psychic energy to attract a vibrational match
  • Be rich. Be very, very rich

If you are a female, and you desire to attract males, there are also many powerful and effective methods. However, two of them stand out above all the others:

  • Be sexy. Be very, very sexy
Sexy woman full face

Sexy. Very, very sexy


  • Be the only available female for miles around

With these powerful, proven techniques, attracting the opposite sex is very easy. YOU can effortlessly attract sexual partners at will in any and every situation.

If your goal is to have many short-term sexual partners, the above lists contain all you need to know. Study and perfect these proven techniques, and you will be successful at finding attractive people to sleep with time after time.

However, if you desire a long-term relationship, please read on.

How to keep the opposite sex

Once you have attracted someone of the opposite sex, the next step is to keep ’em with you.

This is also very easy.

All you have to do is engage in a long-term, deep, and thorough process of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual self-evaluation, change, and growth for the rest of your life.

Okay, I lied. That’s not very easy at all.

In fact, personal and spiritual growth is one of the toughest tasks we humans face.

But it is a very effective method of keeping the opposite sex.

In fact, it’s the only truly effective way of achieving a long-term, stable, and happy relationship with another person.

Of course, it helps to find a partner who shares your fundamental beliefs, values, and goals in life. But even then, maintaining a relationship for the long term—as rewarding as it can be—requires a lot of hard work.

Marriage: a forum for spiritual growth

There’s a name for long-term, committed relationships: marriage.

Marriage is much more than a contract with the State giving partners certain legal and property rights in relation to one another.

Marriage is also more than a ceremony at a church or a reception hall declaring to the world that the two of you are married.

Among other things, marriage is a forum in which two people get so close to each other that they either grow together or the marriage dies.

Think of it. In a marriage, you live together, eat together, sleep together, get up in the morning together, and generally share your day-to-day life with one another. Before long, you’ll get very familiar with one another, warts and all.

And those psychological warts can become a problem. None of us is perfect. In fact, if we’re honest with ourselves, we can see and admit that some parts of our personality are rather self-centered and immature, if not just plain perverse and wrong.

When we’re living at close quarters with another person day in and day out, those less desirable parts of ourselves come out into the open very quickly.

At that point, either we grow emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, or the marriage is headed toward death.

This is why so many people cannot make their relationships stick. They reach a point in the relationship where one or both partners get stuck, and they are unwilling to change and grow beyond that point. The relationship then goes sour, and the couple breaks up. Then they start over again with someone else . . . until they reach the same point in that relationship. And the cycle continues.

Long-term relationships must either grow or die. And for them to remain fresh, new, and exciting, they must keep growing day after day, year after year, forever.

For the relationship to grow, each partner must be growing in heart, mind, and spirit.

That’s why if you want to keep someone of the opposite sex, you must commit yourself not just to the relationship, but to a long-term, deep, and thorough process of emotional, intellectual, and spiritual self-evaluation, change, and growth for the rest of your life.

Short-term vs. long term: you choose

The choice is yours. If you’re interested in hookups, sex, and casual, short-term relationships, there are not just a dozen, but hundreds and thousands of tried and true techniques for attracting the opposite sex. (There are a whole lot of stupid scams out there, too—such as penis enlargement pills.)

Though you may never be as suave and successful as the guys and gals in the aphrodisiac ads, it is quite possible for almost anyone, with a bit of work and a few gimmicks, to become fairly successful at attracting sexual partners.

A happy middle-aged couple

A happy middle-aged couple

If, on the other hand, you’re interested in a long-term, deep, and soul-satisfying relationship, it’s going to be a lot more work. It’s like the old saying: No pain, no gain.

Yes, you can have a relationship in which you grow closer and closer to another person, and grow more and more in love. To achieve that, you’ll need to do the work of identifying where you as a person need to change your attitudes, feelings, and habits, and do the work of reforming and rebuilding yourself into a more thoughtful, caring, responsible, and loving person.

Although finding the right person to marry is important, being the kind of person who can be married is even more important.

To gain not only the Power of Attraction, but the Power of Keeping Forever, all that’s necessary is to engage in a lifelong process of personal spiritual growth.

How do you do that? For a practical step-by-step guide, please see the article, “What does Jesus Mean when He Says we Must be Born Again?

For further reading:


Lee Woofenden is an ordained minister, writer, editor, translator, and teacher. He enjoys taking spiritual insights from the Bible and the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg and putting them into plain English as guides for everyday life.

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7 comments on “How to Attract the Opposite Sex—and Keep ‘Em
  1. Trevor says:

    Hi Lee! Your brother Trevor here. I love Mom’s story about when she was either an older teen or a very young adult talking with Gramma about marriage. Mom asked Gramma some question about how to find and keep a good husband, and— as close as I can remember Mom telling it — Gramma’s reply was , “Imagine your perfect husband in as much detail as possible, and then make yourself into the perfect wife for that man.” (And Mom & Pop were married from 1950 until they both died within 9 months of each other during the past year.)

  2. Trevor says:

    I’m a subscriber, so I see them all.

  3. isaiah41v10 says:

    Hehe, I liked how your post started out very superficial and tongue-in-cheek, but actually turned out to have great insight and advice. I am blessed to be in a marriage where we are both committed to growth. Never thought about the fact that this is why we have such a good marriage and love each other more as the years pass, despite the trials we have faced. I believe that the best way to become a better person is to become a new person through faith in Jesus Christ.

    • Lee says:

      Hi isaiah41v10,

      Glad you enjoyed it and gained some insight. I did have a little too much fun writing that first part. 😉 Congratulations on your growing marriage! And thank you for your testimonial as well.

  4. Lynda says:

    Hello Lee, im not quite sure how all of this works yet, so i hope you see this message. Recently i have been strugglng with some spiritual things and one of my friends suggested your website to me, saying i might find my answers here, so i diceded to check it out! Found this post and decided to leave an ask (she said you answer questions in the comments? i hope thats true)
    Anyways, recenlty i have started developing feelings for someone i know, who doesn’t share the same faith as me, yet i know their a good person.
    I’ve read that alot of christians say that taking a liking to someone (or, well crushes) are bad because they take your focus away from God and that its especially bad if this person is an agnostic or and athiest. That its a sin to want to be involved with someone who doesnt have the same faith as you (i think theres even a bible verse saying something like not to “yoke” with someone who doesn’t belive) Personally, i don’t think this is true as i dont despriminate people based on their beliefs (as long as their a good person) yet i cant help shake the fear that i might be wrong and that God is mad at me.
    So my question (or, well questions) is, is it really a sin? Is God angry at me? To some extent i understand why crushes may be bad as they can envolve jealousy or lust, tho in my case these factors play little to no part and my intentions are pure.

    • Lee says:

      Hi Lynda,

      Thanks for stopping by and telling your story. Your questions are personal and complicated. There is no one-size-fits-all answer. And you are not the first person to ask this question. Here is an article I wrote in response to two other readers who were facing a similar situation of being in love with someone who didn’t share their faith or lack thereof:

      What if My Partner and I Have Different Religious Beliefs? Can Interfaith Marriage Work?

      I hope you will find it helpful in thinking about your own situation. If, after reading it, you still have questions or want to continue the conversation, please feel free to leave a comment on that article.

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